Horsley Village | You Can Use Washi Tape In Many Different Ways

You Can Use Washi Tape In Many Different Ways

You Can Use Washi Tape In Many Different Ways

Do Your Journaling With Washi Tape

If you love journaling with stickers and all kinds of fun items like that, then you need to get washi tape for your journaling. You can cut off strips of this tape to put a border around a page in the journal, or you can use it to mark various places in the journal. Use different patterns of washi tape for different days and to help you track your diet, exercise, or mood. When you use fun items like washi tape while journaling, you will feel better about doing it every day.


Use Washi Tape To Create Beautiful Decorative Pieces

Journaling with washi tape is great, and so is creating beautiful decorative pieces with it. Washi tape comes in various patterns and styles, and if you find some that match your decor and how you want your house to look, then you can create something fun with it. You can tape up a book to make it appear like this is its cover, or you can put pieces of washi tape on a piece of paper in a fun pattern and frame it. You can use the washi tape to border a photo of your family and put it on the wall. Use it in any way you want, and you will have fun creating all kinds of easy decorative pieces for the room.


Washi Tape Is Great In Place Of Stickers

If you don’t have any stickers in the house, or if you can’t find any stickers to buy that are as cute as you’d like, then you can use washi tape instead. Cut it into small pieces and put it anywhere you would put a sticker. Give some pieces to your kids to use when they want to play with stickers. When you think about the washi tape in this way, not only will it be another way for you to use it, but it will also be another thing to make you feel good about buying it. The washi tape is worth the price because of how many times you will use it and how many creative ways you will do that. From journaling to creating decorations to using the tape as stickers on a card or envelope, you will feel great about having it in the house. You can get as many patterns of the tape as you want so that you always have something fun to use.

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