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What You Need to Know About Driver’s License Transition By NAATI Translators

What You Need to Know About Driver’s License Transition By NAATI Translators

Do you have a Chinese driver’s license and want to drive in Australia legally? You can only drive legally when your license is translated into English, the Australian national language.


NAATI accredited translators are the ones given the mandate to translate driver’s license. You need to choose such companies that can help you with any translations challenges.


Below are some of the advantages of getting your Driving license translated by NAATI translators.

Reliable service delivery

NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd) delivers fast and reliable services direct to your email. You don’t have to be in Australia to receive you are translated driving license. If you are in China and planning to come for a vacation, you will be ready to drive a vehicle when you are in Australia. If you need a hard copy, it is posted to your address. You can’t be assured of a 100% exception guarantee.



The cost of translation is affordable and fixed based on what you want. You can be assured there is no extra cost you will be asked to pay except the fixed amount for the services you will be receiving. The cost is just worth the service you receive and even cheaper as compared to prices charged by other companies. You can either make a payment through PayPal or credit card.


Certified translation

NAATI has certified and accredited translators who follow the rules and regulations of translating the driving license. You can be assured of the consistency, accuracy, and reliability of the services offered.



For translation purposes, you only need to upload your current driving license or scan a clear picture. The average time for the 驾照翻译 translation is within 24 hours. After your approval is received, you get NAATI certified stamped and signed translation of your document.


Besides translating Chinese driving licenses, NAATI can also translate licenses from other languages such as Arabic, Italian Japanese Korean, Hindi, and many others.


Express Driver’s license

You can also get express driver’s license translation services if you need them immediately. If you are therefore a foreigner, You do not need to worry about acquiring your driving license.


Driver’s license from NAATI translators is acceptable by the Road Transport Authority (RTA) for Victoria, Australian capital Territory, Western Australia, Adelaide, Northern Territory, and Queensland. Most rental companies accept the license.


If you are in Australia on a temporary visa, add driver’s license translation is acceptable. Still, if you are on a permanent visa, you need to get the relevant state territory license with time. A driver’s license translation is used to rent a car, open a bank account apply for a visa, and also used as an ID document.