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What is a mini rice cooker and should you buy one?

What is a mini rice cooker and should you buy one?

If you love to eat rice, or make dishes that are served with rice, you should own a rice cooker. With mini rice cookers being all the rage nowadays, though, and if you have never owned one before, you may want to start with one of these.

What is a mini rice cooker, and what are the advantages of owning one over a full-sized cooker?

What is a mini rice cooker? — A mini rice cooker is, as it sounds, small. So small that most of them only cook one cup of rice at a time. Perfect for someone who lives alone, or for a couple that only eat small servings of rice at a time.

What are the advantages of owing a mini rice cooker? — Most people buy a full-sized device. Especially if they do not live alone, or regularly cook for more than one person.

The problem with a regular device for a single person, however, is the amount of rice it cooks. This is because it is difficult to cook just one cup of rice in a large sized device, and it uses a lot more electricity.

With a the best small rice cooker, however, you only cook one cup at once. This means you can eat what you cook, and do not have to worry about throwing away uneaten rice, or having to store it in the refrigerator for another day. Especially as day-old rice does not taste as nice as freshly made rice does.

Compact cookers — A mini rice cooker is also compact, so it is easy to store. They are also simple to clean, and lightweight to move around. That means you can easily store them in a cupboard when not in use, and then simply pull them out and plug them in when you want to make a meal with rice.

Multi-functional — One thing many people do not realize about mini rice cookers is they can also make other things besides rice.

You can cook instant noodles in them. You can also boil eggs, make a variety of soups, cook all kinds of pasta, steam vegetables and, if you like oatmeal or porridge for breakfast, it is very simple to make that in a mini rice cooker as well.

Even though they are so small, they are also completely automated. This means you just pour the rice and water into the cooking container, add a little salt, close up the cooker and set it to cook. It will then heat up to the correct temperature and cook the rice evenly.

When the rice is cooked, the cooker will stop the cooking process and switch to a heating process. That way the rice stays hot until you have time to eat it. It will even keep it hot for several hours if you want to set the timer, so that it begins to cook your rice before you even arrive home.