Horsley Village | What is a durag and what can you wear it with?

What is a durag and what can you wear it with?

What is a durag and what can you wear it with?

If you always try to keep up on the latest fashions, you have probably seen recent photographs of some of the many high profile celebrities now wearing something called a durag.

If you have not, or if you are not sure what a durag is, here are a few things you should know about them. You might even learn how to wear one.

What is a durag? — A type of long head scarf predominantly worn by African Americans as a way to keep their hair in place when they are trying to create a perfect hair wave.

When durags were first worn, they were usually only worn at home and never out on the street. For the first few years, it was also only possible to buy them in either black or white. Nowadays, however, they come in every color, many different types of fabrics and in lots of different patterns too.

How do you wear a durag? — There are several ways to wear them. The most common way to wear a durag is to draw the ends of the scarf towards the back of your head and then tie it at the nape of your neck. Most people then leave the long ends hanging down.

Other people wear a durag but leave it hanging lose with the ends dangling down the front. Even others wear their durags underneath baseball caps and other hats. The hat keeps the durag on their head, without them having to tie it on correctly.

What kind of outfit can you wear a durag with? — Durags tended to be worn with very casual clothing, as they were only worn indoors.

As durags have become much more popular, though, and more like a fashion statement, they can now be worn with anything.

Celebrities are wearing durags with elegant evening dresses. Some of them are plain silk or cotton durags, while others are made out of gems.

Other actors, singers and models have been seen wearing durags with skirts and t-shirts, shorts and t-shirts, summer dresses, running clothes and sweatpants. In other words, nowadays durags can be worn with just about anything. That is as long as you buy one in the right fabric and the right color.

Where should you buy durags? — You will find a huge selection of this latest fashion accessory on hundreds of websites. You can start with a plain cotton scarf, or you can buy them in silk, denim or even bejeweled. There are even designer durags available if you do not mind spending the money, and really want to stand out.

If you are not sure if you will like how you look in one of these long head scarves, why not try one on at a show in your area before you buy one online? That way you can be sure you will be spending money on something you would actually wear.

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