Horsley Village | SMP Severs? Are They Worth The Hype?

SMP Severs? Are They Worth The Hype?

SMP Severs? Are They Worth The Hype?

What is a Minecraft SMP?


Minecraft may be played in a variety of different ways. You have the option of either devoting yourself to speedrunning and competing against the clock or building your environment. When it comes to the competitive multiplayer mode of the game, there won’t be any restrictions at all. You’ll never be at a loss for things to do in Minecraft, thanks to the various minigames and community servers that are available.

Survival Multiplayer, or SMP for short, is one of the more recent additions to the list of ways that players in Minecraft are enjoying the game. Players have the option of connecting to one of many distinct varieties of SMP servers, such as Chaotic, Peaceful, or Customized, depending on the sort of multiplayer experience they are seeking.

What Creates an SMP in Minecraft?


There are many other ways to enjoy Minecraft, such as playing with friends in Minecraft battle royale, accelerating the pace of the narrative mode, or building stunning constructions in creative mode.

A game that has been played for the last decade still has players discovering fresh new strategies to use. Survival Multiplayer, also known as SMP in Minecraft, is the game’s most fundamental mode. However, it comes with predetermined rules and a narrative.

Which SMP to Choose?


Because there are a lot of Minecraft SMP servers available, it’s often a good idea to look into the best SMP servers and see if you like playing on them. This is because players have varying preferences, and not all SMP servers are the same.

Popular SMP Servers:


  • Vanilla PVP:¬†Just like Vanilla, except without PvP. These servers often place a greater emphasis on community and construction rather than PvP or anything else. This is a highly specialized server type since only a tiny percentage of the population plays with PvP or aggressive mobs disabled. That’s because most gamers in the community like the challenge that creatures or other players provide.
  • Modded:¬†This is most likely the most diverse subcategory on the list. Modified servers are self-explanatory. A modified server alters the game files by adding or deleting game mechanics/items/functions. Typically, this will be done on a programming platform such as Forge, Fabrics, or another.





It would help if you were now well-versed in all things SMP. It’s a significant portion of Minecraft, and the vast bulk of the Minecraft community spends their time there. Not to say the Creative, modified, and other modes aren’t entertaining, but it’s great to learn about the many ways individuals enjoy their favorite block game. When Minecraft was very old, we recall constructing the first surviving world and thinking about the potential of a multiplayer version. SMP is the fulfillment of that desire.

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