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Can Taxotere Cause Me To Suffer Permanent Hair Loss?

Can Taxotere Cause Me To Suffer Permanent Hair Loss?


If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, or any other type of cancer, you may have been prescribed a drug to go along with your chemotherapy. Taxotere is probably the most frequently prescribed chemotherapy drug, especially to women with breast cancer. There are many side effects to the chemotherapy treatment, with hair loss being very common. In this article, we will discuss hair loss from chemotherapy, and answer the question, “Can Taxotere Cause Me To Suffer Permanent Hair Loss”?


As mentioned in the introduction Taxotere is given as a prescription to handle chemotherapy. During chemotherapy, hair does fall out, but tends to regrow after the treatment is finished. However, Taxotere has been involved in lawsuits and has been reported to not only cause hair loss, but prevent it from growing back, meaning your hair loss will be permanent. So the question begs: Can Taxotere cause me to suffer permanent hair loss?

Taxotere is not only prescribed to women with breast cancer, it is also prescribed to men with other kinds of cancer in their bodies. Alopecia is the term given to permanent and irreversible hair loss. You will lose your eyebrows, hair, pubic hair, and any other hair on your body, and, it will never grow back. The company that manufactures the drug, knew beforehand that it would cause permanent hair loss to its patients, but was not able to disclose how they could reduce the risk of this tragedy. Hair loss can severely damage a person’s self esteem, and it is often degrading.

Aside from permanent hair loss that can often last up to ten years, Taxotere has many different side effects. In women, it may cause menstrual periods to be missed. It can cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and even muscle and joint pain. If a woman is pregnant, it is strongly recommended that she does not take Taxotere, as it will harm the fetus. These are only some of the most common side effects, for a complete list of side effects, please contact the doctor or physician prescribing your chemotherapy medicine.

One thing we didn’t mention is how Taxotere is introduced to the patient. The drug is given intravenously. There are no pill forms of this drug. The amount of Taxotere you will receive is dependent upon the severity of your condition, the type of cancer, and your personal traits such as weight, height, and general health. Most people don’t experience all of the side effects found in Taxotere, and though hair loss is not reversible, the other side effects will go away when the treatment is complete.


In conclusion, Taxotere is a drug given to people suffering from some sort of cancer. It is most often prescribed to women who have breast cancer, and its side effects include vomiting, loss of appetite, and even muscle and joint pain. Taxotere has received many lawsuits for its permanent and irreversible hair loss side effect. Though chemotherapy often causes patients to lose their hair, it often regrows, but that’s not true for Taxotere.