Horsley Village | Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Private instructor for Driving Lessons

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Private instructor for Driving Lessons

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Private instructor for Driving Lessons

Learning driving has been like a norm to some of the people in the community. Most of the states give their teen the chance to learn how to drive after turning the age of 18. This happens regardless of whether one has the car or not. When one begins to start driving school, it is a signal that the rest of the things that involves one’s life are beginning to unfold. Many benefits are attached to learning how to drives. Additionally, one has the option of choosing on whether to use the personal instructor or even by sign up in the driving school. The two option has advantages and disadvantages also.


If one goes for the private driving instructors that teach on how to drive, many factors are supposed to be put in place. All these factors mark the advantage and the disadvantage of the learner.

Majority of the student who is learning on how to drive finds it cheaper when they hire the personal instructor as opposed to the passing through the driving school system. When the individual instruction is hired, the fees that charge depends on the hours that will feature in the lessons. This is a bit more relieving in the sense that when one signs up in the driving school, all the amount of money that is indicated in the fees statement are supposed to be made irrespective of the hours that the teacher will be available.

On the other hand, the student is also forced by the driving center to pay for the fees of evaluation before sitting for the test. These are seen to be the frankly useless amount, and one can be advised to hire the private instructor.

Private students only pay their teachers the amount depending on the hours that are used in the circuit. Most of them need not attend the theory classes that have been considered to be a waste of time.


On the other side, when the student lacks motivation since there is no guidance, there will be no chance of referring to the theory that is usually available in the driving center. This will also put the students who are at the driving center be at the upper hand as compared to those who are hiring the private instructors.

The other disadvantage that is associated with the hiring of the private instructor is that the teacher will tend to minimize the hours that will spend in the circuit through the recreation of the parking lesson. This will leave the student with no option and finally will end up paying less at the overall. Additionally, the private student may end up going through the fewer lesson as compared to the students at the driving centers. The incident happens typically when the instructor wants to limit the time of spending with the student in the field. In the long run, the student may end up skipping some of the valuable lessons that are essential in driving school.

One has to make a wise decision when choosing the path to take on the matters regarding learning to drive.

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