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3 fabulous ways to refinish your kitchen cabinets

3 fabulous ways to refinish your kitchen cabinets

A kitchen cabinet refinishing is a big job. It can also be a boring job if you stick with your refinishing job simply being the usual repainting all the doors and drawers.

If you would like to try something a little different with your kitchen cabinet refinishing, however, there are three fabulous ways you can make your kitchen look modern and bright.

Stencils update an old-fashioned kitchen — A popular way to refinish kitchen cabinets nowadays is to use both paint and stencils.

The paint is used just like it would be for any refinishing job. In other words, a primer first and then two topcoats are painted on each door and drawer in order to create a beautiful finish.

Once the paint has dried, however, you can update your kitchen even further with the use of stencils and a little bit of hand-painting.

Stencils can be used to create designs on both the outside and the inside of kitchen cabinets. Designs can be suited to your kitchen by stenciling fruit, vegetables, bottles of wine, bread or poultry both outside and inside doors and drawers.

If you would prefer to stencil designs that are not related to your kitchen, you can stencil pictures of houses, animals, birds or anything else you enjoy.

Varnishing cabinets — One of the more modern ways to update a kitchen nowadays is to strip the layers of paint that have often been applied to kitchen cabinets.

Once stripped, each door and drawer can be sanded down to the natural wood. This can then be lightly varnished several times until you end up with doors and drawers that are rich and shiny, and with the wood grain showing through.

If you do decide to varnish your kitchen cabinets this way, it is usually best to also replace the hardware with new, more modern hardware. This is because, once you have removed the paint from doors and drawers, you will usually notice the hardware does not really match anymore.

Wallpapering kitchen cabinets — A more luxurious way to refinish kitchen cabinets is to wallpaper them. While this may sound like a plan that will create doors and drawers that will quickly become damaged, that is not the case at all.

In fact, wallpaper is much more durable than you may think. It can also easily be sponged down when cleaned.

You can choose a plain wallpaper or something lavish and extravagant. Cabinets that are wallpapered can also be redone very easily as long as you use a self-adhesive wallpaper that is easy to remove.

This means you could refinish your kitchen cabinets every year or two, and all of it done in not much time and in a very affordable manner.

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