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Toys for a better love life

Toys for a better love life

There is nothing as disappointing as having mediocre sex not worth of your memory. Both men and women need to experience orgasm. Unfortunately, some women do not even understand what orgasm is. In most cases, they make love to make their men partners satisfied. Sex should be a two-way thing where both parties enjoy. You don’t have to start blaming your partner for the poor experience. Here are the toys you can use to have both you and your partner satisfied but you can find even more at 성인용품사이트.

Vibrating penis ring

This is the first toy that you should try to have the woman experience orgasm. Women tend to take longer than women to get orgasm. The penis ring, therefore, holds the man hostage, as he enjoys the penetration giving the woman enough time to get the orgasm.

A vibrating penis ring is simply a small ring that is placed at the base of the penis to give vibration hence giving clitoral contact. Every time the penis penetrates, the woman will feel the shaking, which blows their mind. This is what women want. She needs a clitoris contact to get to the climax.

Having the ring also results in better erections, which can last the whole time needed for sex. At times, the penis will be quite hard and so the woman must be ready for the hard penetrations. It also helps the man to control the time for the orgasm of the woman since he can choose to go deeper and faster as he gets to all the possible corners.


This happens to be one of the ordinary and readily available accessories you can use to enjoy sex. They make the vagina more lubricated so that the penetrations can be enhanced with ease. At times, the woman may fail to ‘wet,’ and so a lot of friction can be experienced. The resistance will make the whole sex experience very painful to any woman. She does not deserve to feel ‘raped’ by a man she thinks she loves.

Many lubricants are available in the market today. To get the best outcome, you should choose a lube that has some attractive flowery scent. This will boost the general mood hence better sex. As you go for the lubricants, you should also work on your emotions.

We’ve found this great video that goes a bit more deeper on the topic (pun intendened):


Women need some relatively huge penis to attract them to open up for the penetration. Well, she might not speak it up. It is, however, very intimidating to see a quite small penis prepared for you. Women want to feel that thing penetrating. At the same time, having a one that is too huge can also scare her. You can control this by using the mini-massagers.

You can as well go for massage oils or lotions. This is quite simple. Allow her to lay on that bed and spread the cream as you massage the body gently. Before you realize, she will be there with her legs apart. Take advantage of such a moment to see how sex can be mind-blowing.