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Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Should Be Fed Raw Nutritious Meals?

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Should Be Fed Raw Nutritious Meals?

What types of foods are healthiest for dogs? The long debate of serving them a nutritious raw diet or kibble never ends. So what do dogs that eat raw unprocessed food stand to gain? Numerous studies stipulate that this kind of diet improves dogs’ immunity, health, and boost their energy levels.


Improves Oral Health

The statistics show that dogs fed processed pet foods represent the highest percentage of oral health cases, especially gum disease. Most domestic canines fed commercial pet food generally develop some form of dental health condition by age three. A lot of these dogs end up getting gingivitis. Late-stage periodontitis is another common problem reported when dogs consume commercial pet kibble. The problem is that commercial dog food undergone rigorous processing and contain toxic ingredients canines cannot tolerate well. Starchy plant-based ingredients, GMO grains, and soy content are not nutritious enough for carnivores.

Evidence shows that a raw food diet improves canine oral health to the point where it strengthens their teeth and fortifies their gums against bacteria. The gnawing, ripping and tearing of raw meat gives dog teeth proper flossing and scrubbing, which eliminates any leftovers that might cause dental problems. The high carbs and starch in commercial pet foods are the leading cause of dental health conditions like tartar and plaque. A raw dog food diet is excellent for carnivores because it essentially provides the macro and micro nutrition canines need to maintain optimal health. The texture of the food is also essential to keep better oral health with whiter, cleaner teeth.


Prevent Degenerative Disease

Dogs eating commercial pet foods will eventually develop degenerative disease according to various clinical studies. Common conditions observed in dogs fed this type of diet include respiratory complications, digestive issues, arthritis, skin rashes, obesity, ear infections, diabetes, and cancer. Veterinary studies also found that starch-filled commercial kibble promotes canine yeast overgrowth, which increases the risk of ear infections and skin lesions. Dogs that eat nutritious foods have shiner, softer healthier-looking coats. Yeast overgrowth gives dogs an unpleasant mouth odor as well.

In contrast, dogs fed on a raw diet experience health improvements and rarely get ill. As carnivores, canines require a raw food diet by nature. The nourishment dogs get from specific organ meats, bones, and so on is essential and not present in commercial varieties. It helps them keep up their active lifestyle.


Enhance Mental Emotional Physical Health

Canines need raw food to maintain physical, mental, and emotional balance. With it, these animals will get the correct amount of stimulation to remain energetic and healthy. The food these animals eat, play a vital role in their mindscape, influencing their bodies, psyche, and conscious actions. Raw dog food diet keeps canine instincts sharp, which makes them more alert and agile. Several comparison studies conclude that dogs fed nutritious raw foods generally outlive those that are not.