Horsley Village | Tips for successfully running your own online t-shirt shop

Tips for successfully running your own online t-shirt shop

Tips for successfully running your own online t-shirt shop

Would you love to own your own online t-shirt shop, but are a little hazy on how to run it successfully? Do you have some great ideas you would love to implement in a t-shirt shop you owned, but are not sure if they would go down well with customers.

If this sounds like you, here are some tips to help you run your own online t-shirt shop successfully.

Design your own t-shirts — Instead of counting on buying t-shirt from other companies, why not design your own shirts, like for example anti trump t-shirts? Not only will that mean you are selling shirts that nobody else has, it will also prevent you from having copyright problems as long as you are sure all designs are completely your own.

Copyright your designs — Online t-shirt shops are the ideal place for other people to steal your designs and sell them as their own. That is why you should make sure you copyright every design you create, as well as the name of your brand. This will help prevent you from losing your work to other companies too lazy to do their own work.

Only use high quality t-shirts — While it may cost you a little bit more to buy high quality shirts, it will pay off with happier customers. Those customers will also return to buy more t-shirts from you, as the quality they received in their first order was better than with many other shirts they own.

Find a high quality printer — If you are designing your own t-shirts, you will also need a printing company to print them. Make sure the one you hire does high quality work, so that customers are thrilled with the shirts they get and keep coming back for more.

Price your t-shirts correctly — Be sure the price you decide upon for your t-shirts not only covers the design and manufacture of the shirts, but also covers your website costs, marketing and any other expenses you may have. In other words, after you have deducted all your costs for making and selling t-shirts, there should be money left over for a profit.

Market your t-shirts online — Find out who your ideal customer is, and then market your t-shirt to thousands of them. A great place to start is in chat rooms either dedicated to t-shirts, to shopping or to specific design styles that are incorporated in your shirts.

Make sure your website stands out — With tens of thousands of online t-shirt sellers, your website and shirts will really have to stand out to grab people’s attention. Hire a website designer if you have to, so that you have an attention grabbing site, or use a site like Shopify to create your own site.

Have gorgeous photos — Remember, when you sell anything online, but particularly clothing, your photos of your products should be beautiful.

That means, when having photographs done for the products you are selling, either hire attractive models or make sure the shirts look stunning.