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Things to look for when buying collage paper to ensure it is the best

Things to look for when buying collage paper to ensure it is the best

If you need to buy collage paper but have not bought it before, there are a few things you will want to look for before buying it. Just to be sure the collage paper you finally buy is high quality and will do exactly what you want it to.


Recommendations from other collage artists — There are online chat rooms that are dedicated to artists of all kinds.


Here you will find collage artists hanging out. People that have used collage paper for a long time and know exactly where you can buy the best quality paper on the Internet.


Make a list of some of the online collage paper stores they recommend, and spend some time comparing all the different papers each one of them has.


The thickness of the paper — While you may definitely have a use for thin collage paper, you should also be very sure you know which thickness of paper you are buying. Especially if you want to use the paper to completely cover another paper, and without any chance of seeing it rip.


Order papers in different thicknesses, but be very sure you get the highest quality paper you can find. Otherwise, you will soon find yourself struggling gluing paper onto a collage that is too thin and ripping and dissolving as you try to glue it down.


High gloss and matte — Most collage artists will have many different types of both high gloss and matte collage papers on hand at all times. This is because you never know when you may need a gloss collage paper, or if matte is going to be the only type of paper you use on your next project.


The best way to buy it is to make sure you buy both gloss and matte collage paper in lots of different colors. Then you will always have the exact color you need any time a new project calls for either matte or gloss.


A wide variety of colors — Unless you are a collage artist that only works in a small palette of colors, it pays to always have a wide variety of colors on hand at home. After all, you have no idea when you will get a new commission from a client that will require you to work in different colored papers than what you normally use.


Be sure, though, that these colors of collage paper include both thick paper and thin, as you can use the thin paper laid over other thin paper to create different and interesting colors and have the thick paper for a more opaque look.


The cost — Of course, you can buy very expensive handmade collage paper but, in most cases, this is not necessary.


Instead, look for the best collage paper that is reasonably priced but also good quality, and be sure to read online reviews and recommendations about specific collage paper shops before buying any at all.


That means doing a price comparison across a number of sites to make sure you are getting a good deal before placing any order.


Youtube is also a great source to see how some other people make their Collages:
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