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Sewing Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Sewing Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Imagine never needing to seek out a good seamstress again or being able to make your dream dress. While learning to sew opens a world of possibilities it also can prove to be quite the challenge. Pricked fingers, impossible to thread needles, and crooked hemlines are just some of the common challenges you might face. Have no fear, this article will help make your start to sewing smoother. Below are ten tips and tricks to get you started on the right foot.

  • Tip/Trick #1: Only using your scissors on fabrics and keeping them dry will keep them sharp and rust free.
  • Tip/Trick #2: If you’re having trouble threading your needles spray hairspray on the end of your thread. The hairspray keeps the thread stiff and from fraying thus making it easier to thread.
  • Tip/Trick #3: There are a lot of tips and tricks out there for keeping a thread from tangling while hand sewing. Some people swear by beeswax, and others by a product called thread heaven; both products strengthen the thread and reduce static leading to tangling. These products require you to always have them handy and remember to use them. A great option for those forgetful souls or people just wanting one easy product is using hand sewing specific thread. It comes pre-treated for easy and quick sewing.
  • Tip/Trick #4: Always looking for your scissors under fabric or on the floor? Try tying your small scissors around your neck with a piece of long ribbon. This way your scissors are always readily available and the long ribbon prevents you from having to remove them from your neck every time you want to use them.
  • Tip/Trick #5: If you have a thread color that you use often or just want to save money on thread buy larger spools. These larger spools won’t fit on your sewing machine for beginners but can be placed in a mug right next to the machine.
  • Tip/Trick #6: If you’re tired of losing your pins try making a magnetic dish to store them in. All you have to do is glue two strong magnets to the bottom of a dish, that isn’t too thick, using E-6000 glue. Once the dish is dry your pins shouldn’t fall out. It is recommended using a dish with a little ridge on the bottom so that it will sit flat after gluing the magnets on.
  • Tip/Trick #7: For professional looking corners be sure to trim the edges of corner seams twice before turning your fabric right side out.
  • Tip/Trick #8: Shirring is often seen as an advanced sewing skill. To make shirring easier to dress up any project try using elastic thread.
  • Tip/Trick #9: Avoid crooked hemlines by printing the hemming template for your design out to get an easy uniform hem, each time.
  • Tip/Trick #10: Find a sewing community! Online sewing communities are a great way to stay informed about the latest tips and tricks. You will be in touch with sewing enthusiast like yourself and are able to ask any sewing related questions you may have.

Armed with these ten simple tips and tricks your start to sewing should make for a smoother transition. Enjoy!

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