Horsley Village | Reasons Why Wearing A Christian T-shirt Is A Good Thing

Reasons Why Wearing A Christian T-shirt Is A Good Thing

Reasons Why Wearing A Christian T-shirt Is A Good Thing

Have you ever stopped to wonder how many times a t-shirt is read before it is discarded? The number may be a surprise. T-shirts are read about 3,000 times before they are no longer worn. In an age when marketing is everything, christian t-shirts by christianshirtsandmore are a great way to market the Christan faith. Besides the subtle marketing strategy, there are other reasons why wearing a Christian T-shirt is a good thing


Start the conversation

There is no easier way to start a conversation than have someone comment on your shirt. Whether it is a simple as a nice shirt, or an Amen, or it is someone who actually approaching you with a question, the shirt was able to start the conversation. Talking about your faith is not always easy and it is certainly not easy to approach strangers, but if your shirt can break the ice and get you talking about your faith, then it has done its job.


Something positive

In today’s world, we seem to focus on what is going wrong in the world. All you have to do is turn on the evening news to get a huge dose of negativity. It is not good for us to soak up so much negativity. However, when wearing a Christian t-shirt, you are spreading good news. You are showing that there are positives things to enjoy in this life.


Go Bold or go home

Want to make a bold statement about your faith? Instead, of shouting it from the rooftop, put on a shirt. From the beginning of the Christian faith, Christians were afraid to reveal to others their choice in faith for the fear that they would be persecuted. They would approach someone and draw a fish in the sand to identify themselves as a Christian. It is still a big step today to let the whole world that you are a Christian. However, be bold and show the world that you are a Christian. Being strong in your love for Jesus Christ is nothing to hide from. Plus, it will draw others to you who want to know Christ.

It is hard to believe that just getting up in the morning and putting on a t-shirt before heading out could have such a positive outcome. Will you be able to share your faith with over 3,000 people if you did not have a t-shirt? Maybe, but it would take a lot of time. Being strong in your faith and wanting to share it with others is something truly positive in a negative world.