Horsley Village | Purchasing a Brand New Game Camera for 2018

Purchasing a Brand New Game Camera for 2018

Purchasing a Brand New Game Camera for 2018

What Exactly is a Trail Camera?

Trail cameras, also known as game cameras, give you a bird’s eye view of a specific area, which can aid you when going out and hunting. Unfortunately, many hunters who do not use these cameras may find themselves moving around too frequently, missing out on available game. However, if you’re using a trail camera, you can receive alerts and view the camera at virtually any time to see if an animal is close by before you move to that location. For some people, they use these game cameras as a form of security. This camera is ideal for properties that tend to stay abandoned for long periods of time and are victims of dumping and vandalism.

The Best Models on the Market

There are literally dozens of different amazing trail cameras available on the market. The very best trail camera is typically considered the Bushnell Tracker, the Browning Strike Force, the Reconyx Hyperfire and the Day 6 Plotwatcher. All of these cameras are designed specifically to stay outside for days, weeks and even months at a time without losing the quality of their picture. You can set up the camera via Bluetooth to receive alerts if motion is detected from the camera. This makes it effortless to hunt and find game, or for those using security, you can use the camera to finally capture the culprits and report them to police.

How to Decide and Choose the Right One

The perfect camera is going to be entirely waterproof, so steer clear of any that don’t claim to be resistant to the weather. These cameras are meant to be installed and left outside, so you need one that is going to stand up to whatever the weather has to throw at it. You also want to look for a camera that has a clear and concise picture because this is what you’ll use to either view the game that’s in the area or the person who is trespassing on your property. If the video is too grainy, you’re not going to be able to use the camera in the manner that it is intended. The price point is also vital when choosing a camera because these products can range from just $20 to a few thousand dollars.

Getting the Camera Installed

The camera must be installed high up on a tree trunk or post so that it can have a clear view of everything underneath. Many security camera companies can install your own camera for you if you are uncomfortable climbing up to do the work yourself.