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Planning the Perfect Party

Planning the Perfect Party

Party Planning

There are many reasons to throw a party from birthdays to super bowls. Sometimes we don’t even need a reason, other than wanting to spend some time with friends and loved ones. Other times we want to impress the boss, the new in-laws, or some old rivals. Being a gracious host or hostess is an opportunity to make a lasting impression on our guests, no matter who they are. Being well prepared helps us to feel at ease on the day of the big event. It takes a lot of work to plan a successful party, especially if we want our guests to feel welcome and to be engaged. A party is not just about good eats or good company. If the party is too short, it will hardly seem worth the effort, yet if it goes too long, and the activities become tedious, you will quickly find people making excuses of why they need to leave early. The perfect party has a balance and a flow that will make people think about it for days, talk about it for weeks, and want to be invited again. In short a party needs to be fun.


Party Fun

So what is gracious host or hostess to do? Find some activities that will include everyone. One that doesn’t limit participation to only those who are athletic, or are crafty, or understand complicated game rules. Of course this can be simple if your party consists of ten five year olds girls with the same taste in amusement, or a handful of senior married couples who love to play cards. However, if you are at a family reunion, or a back yard BBQ with friends of all ages, it gets a little harder to plan. One great idea is to hire a photo booth. Everyone can enter the booth, singly or with some friends or family, and take a set of pictures. The results are immediate, as the pictures shoot out as soon as the photo shoot is finished. Everyone, even those who hate to get their picture taken, love to have some fun in a photo booth. Only those with you in the booth can see what you are doing. For the ones who love having their picture taken, the possibilities are only limited to time and booth availability.


Preserving Memories

Photo booths work at wedding receptions, birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, or any other gathering, formal or informal. Another great thing about hiring a photo booth from Elegant Hire Australia is that the memories of the big day, that took so much planning, can be preserved. Those funny, or serious, photo strips end up stuck in scrapbooks, hung from refrigerator doors, and posted on social media. So, apart from how much fun they can be at the party itself, they continue to bring enjoyment long after the big event. Pictures of grandma and the grandkids, pictures of the newlyweds, or best friends will be around forever to testify of that one little window of time where a group of people got together and shared a good time.