Horsley Village | Impress your friends at your next chillout session with a herb grinder

Impress your friends at your next chillout session with a herb grinder

Impress your friends at your next chillout session with a herb grinder

Impress your friends at your next chillout session with a herb grinder

If you often have friends over to your home to hang out, drink some wine, smoke some pot and generally relax, you probably prepare your marijuana the usual way. By pulling it apart with your hands to get it into a suitable condition for easier smoking.


If you have not tried a custom herb grinder instead, however, you may want to give one of these little gadgets a try instead.


Not only can a custom herb grinder prepare your marijuana perfectly, it can also be used to prepare herbs for your food and will impress your friends too.


Why use a herb grinder for your marijuana? — If you want to impress your friends at your next chillout session, then buying a herb grinder is definitely the way to go.


Not only will it help you prepare your pot so that your friends find it easier to put into a pipe bowl, or to roll into a cigarette paper, they will likely enjoy the feel and the taste of it as well.


After all, a properly ground marijuana has a much more consistent taste to it than does one that has been prepared by hand. It smokes more smoothly as well.

Using a herb grinder for your food? — If you regularly have friends over to chillout, smoke some pot and eat, you probably end up making huge amounts of food. After all, marijuana does tend to make people hungry.


This is why you should also use your new herb grinder for your food, as you can easily prepare any herb or spice you may use in it right in the same herb grinder you just used for your pot.


What types of herbs to grind? — This depends on the food you will be eating, but you can grind any herb or spice in a herb or photo grinder.


Why not try grinding Italian spices, oregano, thyme, basil or marjoram for your next pizza? Some of these herbs would be perfect with a pepperoni or sausage pizza. Or, if you only eat vegan or vegetarian pizzas, all of them would work well there too.


If you are serving a stew, a soup, a meat, fish or chicken dish, or even seafood, you can also use your new herb grinder to grind up the herbs for each dish.


A mix of spices and herbs are fabulous for stews and soups. Meat is wonderful with basil, oregano or mint. Fish tastes lovely if you add chives, parsley or sage. If you plan on serving chicken or a seafood dish, why not add tarragon or marjoram?


Choosing the right herb grinder — Some herb grinders come with two compartments. This is so that you can grind your marijuana into one compartment, and separate the subsequent kief into another.


Decide if this is important to you before you choose the herb grinder you are going to buy as, for some people, it just adds a complication to their marijuana and herb grinding they really do not need.