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Buy Some Instagram Followers to Jumpstart Your Account

Buy Some Instagram Followers to Jumpstart Your Account

There are many Instagram accounts out there with fake followers that were purchased. It’s done by artists, brands and politicians to inflate their stats. Many other followers will judge an account by how many followers they have. An account with only 200 followers doesn’t look as impressive as one with 200,000.

Reasons to Buy Instagram Followers

If you have started a new venture and want to jumpstart your Instagram account, this will help get the ball rolling. When you start interacting with others and liking pictures, you’re more likely to get natural followers when you have some already. It’s the same concept of having money to get more money. You need followers to get followers.

You might not have had the best luck with getting people to follow you naturally. In that case, you can buy Instagram followers, so your account doesn’t look ignored and unloved.

The truth is that most people will look at the amount of followers before they’ll follow your account. When you have less than 20 or 50, it’ll look like you’re not worth their time. People definitely look to numbers to know whether that person is popular or not.

Dangers to Watch For When Purchasing Followers

While some might argue that you shouldn’t pad your followers with false accounts, it can definitely have some advantages.

You want to start using the platform and gain followers naturally after the initial influx of followers you’ve purchased though. There are some dangers to watch out for when you’re buying followers.

Followers Who Look Spammy

The company should be providing Instagram followers with profile pictures and completed profiles. An account that has too many fake profiles attached to it will look false.

You want the first followers to look like real ones. It could turn away real followers if you’re not careful.

Orders That Aren’t Completed

If you order a few thousand followers from a company, you want exactly what you paid for in the end. It can take a day or two to receive all the followers, but that makes it appear more natural.

Instagram is watching for fake profiles used for the purpose of following. Anything that doesn’t seem natural will get deleted. That could mean your order will be less than what was promised.

Access to Your Account Password

You should never, ever give away your account password. This could be how some companies are gaining the amount of followers they need to fill orders. You’ll end up losing your account because the password was changed.

A hacked account with the name you’ve carefully chosen will destroy all your hard work.

At the beginning of your venture, you will need followers to get the ball rolling. You should never rely fully on the first, fake followers that you purchase. It’s a nice way to beef up the authority of your site quickly.

After that initial push of a few thousand followers, you can start interacting with others on the platform and start gaining real followers who will be engaged with your content.