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  • Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Should Be Fed Raw Nutritious Meals? September 23, 2019 Posted in: Food, sticky

    What types of foods are healthiest for dogs? The long debate of serving them a nutritious raw diet or kibble never ends. So what do dogs that eat raw unprocessed food stand to gain? Numerous studies stipulate that this kind of diet improves dogs’ immunity, health, and boost their energy levels.


    Improves Oral Health

    The statistics show that dogs fed processed pet foods represent the highest percentage of oral health cases, especially gum disease. Most domestic canines fed commercial pet food generally develop some form of dental health condition by age three. A lot of these dogs end up getting gingivitis. Late-stage periodontitis is another common problem reported when dogs consume commercial pet kibble. The problem is that commercial dog food undergone rigorous processing and contain toxic ingredients canines cannot tolerate well. Starchy plant-based ingredients, GMO grains, and soy content are not nutritious enough for carnivores.

    Evidence shows that a raw food diet improves canine oral health to the point where it strengthens their teeth and fortifies their gums against bacteria. The gnawing, ripping and tearing of raw meat gives dog teeth proper flossing and scrubbing, which eliminates any leftovers that might cause dental problems. The high carbs and starch in commercial pet foods are the leading cause of dental health conditions like tartar and plaque. A raw dog food diet is excellent for carnivores because it essentially provides the macro and micro nutrition canines need to maintain optimal health. The texture of the food is also essential to keep better oral health with whiter, cleaner teeth.


    Prevent Degenerative Disease

    Dogs eating commercial pet foods will eventually develop degenerative disease according to various clinical studies. Common conditions observed in dogs fed this type of diet include respiratory complications, digestive issues, arthritis, skin rashes, obesity, ear infections, diabetes, and cancer. Veterinary studies also found that starch-filled commercial kibble promotes canine yeast overgrowth, which increases the risk of ear infections and skin lesions. Dogs that eat nutritious foods have shiner, softer healthier-looking coats. Yeast overgrowth gives dogs an unpleasant mouth odor as well.

    In contrast, dogs fed on a raw diet experience health improvements and rarely get ill. As carnivores, canines require a raw food diet by nature. The nourishment dogs get from specific organ meats, bones, and so on is essential and not present in commercial varieties. It helps them keep up their active lifestyle.


    Enhance Mental Emotional Physical Health

    Canines need raw food to maintain physical, mental, and emotional balance. With it, these animals will get the correct amount of stimulation to remain energetic and healthy. The food these animals eat, play a vital role in their mindscape, influencing their bodies, psyche, and conscious actions. Raw dog food diet keeps canine instincts sharp, which makes them more alert and agile. Several comparison studies conclude that dogs fed nutritious raw foods generally outlive those that are not.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Private instructor for Driving Lessons March 7, 2019 Posted in: Lifestyle, sticky, Uncategorized

    Learning driving has been like a norm to some of the people in the community. Most of the states give their teen the chance to learn how to drive after turning the age of 18. This happens regardless of whether one has the car or not. When one begins to start driving school, it is a signal that the rest of the things that involves one’s life are beginning to unfold. Many benefits are attached to learning how to drives. Additionally, one has the option of choosing on whether to use the personal instructor or even by sign up in the driving school. The two option has advantages and disadvantages also.


    If one goes for the private driving instructors that teach on how to drive, many factors are supposed to be put in place. All these factors mark the advantage and the disadvantage of the learner.

    Majority of the student who is learning on how to drive finds it cheaper when they hire the personal instructor as opposed to the passing through the driving school system. When the individual instruction is hired, the fees that charge depends on the hours that will feature in the lessons. This is a bit more relieving in the sense that when one signs up in the driving school, all the amount of money that is indicated in the fees statement are supposed to be made irrespective of the hours that the teacher will be available.

    On the other hand, the student is also forced by the driving center to pay for the fees of evaluation before sitting for the test. These are seen to be the frankly useless amount, and one can be advised to hire the private instructor.

    Private students only pay their teachers the amount depending on the hours that are used in the circuit. Most of them need not attend the theory classes that have been considered to be a waste of time.


    On the other side, when the student lacks motivation since there is no guidance, there will be no chance of referring to the theory that is usually available in the driving center. This will also put the students who are at the driving center be at the upper hand as compared to those who are hiring the private instructors.

    The other disadvantage that is associated with the hiring of the private instructor is that the teacher will tend to minimize the hours that will spend in the circuit through the recreation of the parking lesson. This will leave the student with no option and finally will end up paying less at the overall. Additionally, the private student may end up going through the fewer lesson as compared to the students at the driving centers. The incident happens typically when the instructor wants to limit the time of spending with the student in the field. In the long run, the student may end up skipping some of the valuable lessons that are essential in driving school.

    One has to make a wise decision when choosing the path to take on the matters regarding learning to drive.

  • What is a durag and what can you wear it with? March 1, 2019 Posted in: Featured, Instagram, Lifestyle, New Trends, sticky

    If you always try to keep up on the latest fashions, you have probably seen recent photographs of some of the many high profile celebrities now wearing something called a durag.

    If you have not, or if you are not sure what a durag is, here are a few things you should know about them. You might even learn how to wear one.

    What is a durag? — A type of long head scarf predominantly worn by African Americans as a way to keep their hair in place when they are trying to create a perfect hair wave.

    When durags were first worn, they were usually only worn at home and never out on the street. For the first few years, it was also only possible to buy them in either black or white. Nowadays, however, they come in every color, many different types of fabrics and in lots of different patterns too.

    How do you wear a durag? — There are several ways to wear them. The most common way to wear a durag is to draw the ends of the scarf towards the back of your head and then tie it at the nape of your neck. Most people then leave the long ends hanging down.

    Other people wear a durag but leave it hanging lose with the ends dangling down the front. Even others wear their durags underneath baseball caps and other hats. The hat keeps the durag on their head, without them having to tie it on correctly.

    What kind of outfit can you wear a durag with? — Durags tended to be worn with very casual clothing, as they were only worn indoors.

    As durags have become much more popular, though, and more like a fashion statement, they can now be worn with anything.

    Celebrities are wearing durags with elegant evening dresses. Some of them are plain silk or cotton durags, while others are made out of gems.

    Other actors, singers and models have been seen wearing durags with skirts and t-shirts, shorts and t-shirts, summer dresses, running clothes and sweatpants. In other words, nowadays durags can be worn with just about anything. That is as long as you buy one in the right fabric and the right color.

    Where should you buy durags? — You will find a huge selection of this latest fashion accessory on hundreds of websites. You can start with a plain cotton scarf, or you can buy them in silk, denim or even bejeweled. There are even designer durags available if you do not mind spending the money, and really want to stand out.

    If you are not sure if you will like how you look in one of these long head scarves, why not try one on at a show in your area before you buy one online? That way you can be sure you will be spending money on something you would actually wear.

  • Hiring A Garage Door Repair Company is the Safest Option August 9, 2018 Posted in: Home Hacks, sticky

    If your garage door is not working properly, it’s important you have it repaired immediately. There are risks associated with leaving a garage door working improperly, and there are risks associated with an attempt to fix your own garage door when it’s broken. Before you attempt to fix it yourself or leave it for later, you must understand the risks associated with leaving the door broken or working on it yourself.

    Your Safety

    A broken garage door can be dangerous. It could fall anytime. You and anyone else who uses the garage door on a regular basis could end up seriously injured if that door falls on them as they walk under it. If the door falls when the car is backing out of the garage, you’re now paying money to have your car repaired and facing potential injury.

    If you attempt to fix the door yourself and it’s not done correctly, your family is still at risk. Your door should automatically stop closing and open back up when it detects someone or something standing in its way. If your DIY repairs affect the sensor on the door, you and your children could be at risk of the garage door closing on you or them by accident.

    Longevity is Key

    If you work on your own garage door to fix the problems it has, you risk needing it fixed again. If you hire someone else to come out and fix it for you, you are doing yourself the favor of ensuring longevity. It’s not something you can put a price on to have it fixed correctly and know it’s worthwhile. DIY jobs don’t always end up breaking again, but you want to know you’re doing what you can to protect your family and your finances by having the door fixed correctly the first time. Knowing the job is done correctly and will last a long time creates peace of mind.

    Maintenance tips can also be found on youtube, like this excellent video:


    It’s Expensive to Make Mistakes


    An attempt to fix your door yourself can cause a lot more trouble than it’s worth. If you make a mistake fixing the door, you’re out even more money. Hiring a professional (garage door repair lincoln ne) means you’re not paying for tools you don’t already own. it means you are paying for someone to come to your home and do the job correctly the first time, and you’re not spending money only to find yourself calling a professional in a few weeks to fix the door again.

    There’s no reason you cannot fix your own garage door when it breaks. However, you should consider the risks and the rewards of doing it yourself versus hiring someone else to do it for you. There is a greater sense of safety and security associated with hiring someone who works with garage doors and knows how to repair them correctly. You want to provide safety and security to your family, and this is the best way to do that. Call a professional to handle your broken garage door needs.

  • CBD: How does it work for cancer? March 29, 2017 Posted in: Featured, Lifestyle, sticky

    CBD is the compound found in cannabis that holds many medical benefits without the mental effects of the drug and actually counteracts the psycho-activity of the THC within the drug. The cannabinoids activate certain receptors within the body that produce certain effects, especially in the immune and central nervous systems. This ability to work without that “stoned” feeling makes it a very appealing option for many people who suffer from a variety of issues like depression, diabetes, PTSD, epilepsy, and cancer. Studies have even shown that CBD can hold anti-cancer properties. There are two main categories of CBD strains; one strain contains very little THC, while the other contains equal or significant amounts of THC to CBD.

    What is CBD treatment?

    CBD treatment stands for cannabinoid treatment, meaning using marijuana as a treatment for cancer. Cannabinoids are the biologically active components in marijuana. Marijuana has been used in many different forms throughout many different centuries as a form of treatment and a remedy for many conditions. CBD treatment does not involve smoking or consuming marijuana, rather it’s a treatment of drugs made from marijuana compounds. Cannabinoid drugs have been developed that use the compounds found in marijuana to treat different cancer symptoms. CBD treatment has been found effective in different forms of cancer, like colon, breast, lung, leukemia, skin, and prostate cancer.

    What are the options for cannabinoid drugs?

    CBD drugs can vary and can be prescribed by a physician. There are two drugs currently on the market that have been approved for use. Nabilone is a cannabinoid that acts much like THC and treats vomiting and nausea that could be caused by radiation or chemotherapy. Dronabinol is a drug that has been approved by the FDA to treat poor appetite, weight loss, and nausea in cancer patients. There is another still under study, named Nabiximols, which is a mouth spray that can be used to treat pain.

    What can CBD treatments do?

    CBD capsules can help reduce nausea caused by chemotherapy, improve food intake, prevent weight loss, and treat pain. There are also studies that have been done that show that CBD treatments can interfere with tumor neovascularization, adhesion, invasion, and metastasization. These studies have shown that CBD can kill cancer cells by disrupting the cell’s reticulum and pushing calcium in the cytosol. This process break downs the proteins in the cancer cells and they can no longer survive. While there is no evidence that cannabinoids can cure cancer, it can be used as an alternative therapeutic agent. Some people who try CBD treatments experience decreased blood pressure, drowsiness, mood changes, or increased heart rate, so it’s always important to discuss all options with your physician. Most doctors who may prescribe CBD as treatment prescribe it as a way to manage the patient’s symptoms, not as a cure for the cancer.

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If you always try to keep up on the latest fashions, you have probably seen recent photographs of some of the many high profile celebrities now wearing something called a durag. If you have not, or if you are not sure what a durag is,......

If your garage door is not working properly, it’s important you have it repaired immediately. There are risks associated with leaving a garage door working improperly, and there are risks associated with an attempt to fix your own garage door when it’s broken. Before you......

CBD is the compound found in cannabis that holds many medical benefits without the mental effects of the drug and actually counteracts the psycho-activity of the THC within the drug. The cannabinoids activate certain receptors within the body that produce certain effects, especially in the......

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